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Get prepared and know what is going to happen at court before you get there with the straight-talking Handbook “How Do I Defend Myself At Court”.

Get no-nonsense explanations of the different stages of the criminal court process in England and Wales. Free online updates and extra material in the Members’ Area.

Get jargon-free help whether you’re going it alone and representing yourself or you just want to know more about how criminal courts work.

Here are just a few of the chapters:

  • How Do I Know What Criminal Offences I Have Been Charged With?
  • Who’s Who at the Magistrates’ Court and the Crown Court?
  • What Will Happen At My Very First Court Appearance?
  • What Will Happen If My Case Is Sent To The Crown Court?
  • Trials and Sentencing
  • If I’m wrongly convicted, can I appeal?
  • How do I appeal against my sentence?
  • How Can I Get Help From A Criminal Lawyer?

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Building Sample the Handbook here for free

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